About Us

I Care Group Services strive to improve the lives of the recipients and assist them in achieving their goals and improve their well-being. Keeping you at our fulcrum, we deliver caring and flexible support, that is what makes us the most trusted disability care services provider. We offer a broad spectrum of disability support services that support vulnerable members of the community to gain access to affordable, trustworthy and professional services. Providing you equal access to opportunities and services, we help in minimizing the issues of social isolation amongst people with disabilities.
  • Nurturing relationships of mutual respect, trust and hope, we inculcate a supportive atmosphere based on strong bonding. Our exceptional care and support are based on our core values of integrity and dedication.
  • We uphold and enhance your individual identity in the community by tailoring our services, keeping your requirements in mind. Our highest measurable standard of care to all recipients, our empathetical approach, is what stands us apart.
  • Our consulting approach helps in meeting your holistic needs. By collaborating with you, your family and the health professionals, we work to achieve the best outcomes for the service recipients.


To deliver services of the highest standards with passion and perfection that support the individualized needs of the consumers.


To enable and create a supportive and caring community that empowers the people to achieve happiness goals.


Our work culture and operations are built upon the values of mutual respect, inclusiveness, and continuous improvement.