NDIS adopts a lifetime approach to improving the lives of people with disabilities to bring about overall improvement.

Did you know that more than 4.3 million Australians have disabilities of different kinds? The NDIS aims to provide support worth $22 billion to all the Australians who have a permanent or significant disability. 

The NDIS works to facilitate all possible support to all people with disabilities in the form of connections with doctors, support groups, schools, libraries, sporting clubs as well as information about the support services available in different geographical areas of Australia. 

The funding support from the NDIS is available based on individual needs. 

Your NDIS plan

Your plan is divided into three parts, as follows:

  1. About You: It is a description of who you are, details of your family members, your location and about other people who form part of your daily life. 
  2. Your Goals: It elaborates your goals in life and aspirations that will lead to a happy and satisfying experience. It is well explained during the Planning Meeting. It will include your short term as well as long term goals. 
  3. Your Supports: It contains the details of all the formal and informal supports that you need to work towards your planned life goals. 

Form of Support Available

Informal Supports

Family and friends and community groups

You will identify along with your planner family, friends and community or services groups that will provide you with the support that you need. Support may take different forms depending on your age group and specific needs. 

Mainstream Supports

It includes education and the health system, including mental health. It will also include local libraries, playgroups, swimming pools and other relevant community groups. 

Formal Supports

With the funding from the NDIS, you can avail of all necessary and reasonable supports that will assist you in realizing your goals and aspirations for life. The fund allocation for these purposes is primarily based on the information provided by you in the planning meeting. 

Your plan has an annual basis and will vary as per your changing needs. 

Supports that are funded by the NDIS

  • Daily personal needs and activities
  • Transportation that enables you in active participation in the community, social and daily life activities. 
  • Successfully secure and maintain employment in all types of settings. 
  • Therapeutic and behavioural support. 
  • Support with household tasks to help you maintain your home environment. 
  • Access to help from skilled personnel for training, equipment assessment and related activities. 
  • Modification, design and construction of your home to meet your requirements. 
  • Mobility equipment, including vehicle modifications. 

Supports that are not funded by the NDIS

NDIS act under which defines the rules of this support program also briefs about the supports that will not find any funding. The following supports will have no funding from the NDIS:

  • Anything that comes under the preview of any other government or support scheme
  • Not directly related to a person’s disability
  • Any support cost that is not directly associated with the participants support needs. 
  • Anything that may pose a risk or cause harm to the participant. 

If you are seeking more clarification regarding the funding support, refer to the official website of the NDIS. Alternatively, contact our representatives, and we will resolve all your queries. 

 Contact us; we are happy to help.