Your choice of empowered supported Independent Living

Our Supporter Independent Living offers you a comfortable and caring environment with excellent support services for the people with any disability. 

I Care Group Service extends all form of support to help him/her make choices and decisions as desired. 

Our experienced team turns our house into a home for you with the support that is precisely customised keeping you in mind. Gain your independence with us to live an enjoyable life. 

We respect you and your choices at all times. 

Supported Independent Living (SIL) or Shared Accommodation

SIL comes as an NDIS support where a person with a disability gets the opportunity to live with other people. Also included is the support to perform everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and personal care. 

At I Care Group Services, we have several options for you, which could be a perfect fit. We also allow you to interact with our team to learn about the support you are looking for before you finalise. 

Support available

We offer our customers with all the security and comfort that you will ever need. You will receive full support for everyday tasks like:
  • Cleaning services including laundry
  • Meals, nutrition and cooking
  • Personal Care
  • Attending appointments
  • Medications
  • Pursuing a hobby
  • Learning to use public transport

Convenience and more

You will be part of all the household routines and decisions and is done in different ways. It is done on a mutual basis to ensure the amicability of the participants. 

You will have a choice of properties as well including apartments, villas and houses. We will surely find something that’s just right for you. 

I Care Group Services will do its best to match you with people who have similar interests, making your stay convenient and enjoyable. 

Our individual-centric approach makes sure that the accommodation support fits all your needs. Our focus is to help you build capacity so that you can live your life to the fullest.