Short Term Accommodation and Assistance

It is accessible for shorter durations when the NDIS participant’s usual supports and accommodation requirements are not accessible due to any reason. Short term accommodation and assistance is also an opportunity for people with disability to meet new people and try different engaging activities. It also serves an opportunity for the carers and parents to take a break or fulfil other important commitments. 

It covers all the expenses in 24 hours, including assistance in all daily activities, accommodation, food and more. 

A warm and comfortable stay

At I Care Group Services is almost a home away from home. It is an apt place to access various kind of activities around the area as well. 

Our team pay attention to all individual needs with particular emphasis on diet and health. It is an ideal opportunity to find people of your interests and develop new acquaintances. 

Whatever be your age or liking, we are sure you will find something exciting for yourself. 

Support available

You will find our property to be equipped with all that an individual with a disability may require. Furthermore, our team ensures that all your support needs are met.

It includes:
  • Meals and cooking
  • Nutrition
  • Personal care
  • Medications
You can opt to stay for the day, overnight, weekend, a holiday or even longer.