How NDIS works for you...

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is for providing support to people suffering from disabilities that hamper in living an independent and meaningful life. The scheme is for those individuals who are born with or develop a permanent and significant disability due to some reason. It will provide such people with access to reasonable and required support that is required to live a purposeful life. NDIS also includes people with a psychological disability, people with a psychiatric condition that may get permanent or is already permanent. 

Guiding Principles of NDIS

  • The members of the scheme will have choices and discretion regarding the service providers they wish to work with.
  • The participants will require support for non-clinical services as well, and it will assist them in undertaking the day-to-day activities for daily living and community participation.
  • The focus will also be maintained on all sorts of informal support groups and community support.

The scheme is rolled out in a phased manner all across the country. People with disabilities, as specified in the NDIS, will be eligible to access its facilities. Under it, you will receive funds to support your every need. 

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What supports will the NDIS fund?

You will find all funding and support that you need to ensure your everyday life runs smoothly and comfortably. Be it your requirements related to accommodation, community support, medical support, therapies, NDIS has got all covered. What’s even better about NDIS is that choice that it offers to you in terms of choosing the kind of support that you require.

Eligibility Terms for the NDIS

Trying to find out who is eligible for the NDIS? For being qualified, the person must have:
  • A disability that is permanent and significant; it can also be a developmental delay.
  • Australian citizenship, or have a permanent visa or a protected special category visa
  • Your age below 65 years
  • The requirement of support or equipment to perform everyday activities.
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