We address here some common FAQs that you may have in mind regarding NDIS.

How to know whether I qualify for support through NDIS?

For this, you need to refer the Access Checker on the official NDIS website. It has a set of few simple questions, and if your answer is in ‘yes’ to all of those, then you can make a call to get access to the form. Call at 1800 800 110 for assistance. 

As and when NDIS is rolled out in your region, all the individuals receiving support through Disability SA programs will transit first. For the ones not receiving any support will apply to the NDIS. 

If you receive support from the Mental Health Services, you will be contacted for the transition process. 

All relevant details for the same are available at the NDIS website. 

Do you suggest any preparation before the meeting with the NDIS?

Yes, a little bit of planning before the meeting is always going to help. The best way is to frame your ideas into a plan. I Care Group Services will guide you through the procedure to make it convenient for you. 

How will I Care Group Services assist me with NDIS registration?

We are well placed to support you due to our decades of experience in all related aspects of disability and quality. Furthermore, we are associated with the NDIS in its implementation in the region. 

Elaborate on the fund management in my plan?

Every individual decides how they wish to manage their NDIS plan along with the individual funding package. You NDIS fund can be managed in four different ways, as follows: 

  1. Direct transfer of funds to the individual or the nominee
  2. Going with a person or organisation registered as a plan manager with the NDIS
  3. Getting the funds managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency
  4. A combination of the above three arrangements 

What if the individual is over 65 or under six years of age?

For the ones over 65 and receiving any government disability support, you will continue to receive similar benefits. 

For children under six years of age, they will be eligible to receive support through the NDIS in the Early Childhood Early Intervention Approach. 

If there is a dissatisfaction with the services, can the service provider be changed?

Yes, you have the choice of changing your service provider in case you find the services to be dissatisfactory. If you feel you are not receiving the services that you are eligible for under NDIS, then you can opt for a different service provider conveniently.