Building and improving everyday life skills

It includes all kinds of support that assist in building skills vital for everyday life. From budgeting skills, general life skills, counselling, training for a career, general life skills to therapy assessment and support. With I Care Group Services, we have a large team of professionals like social workers, counsellors, occupational therapists and psychologists to support in improving your life skills on all possible counts. 

Adopting a holistic approach, we help you in developing, building and maintaining the skills needed to live as you wish at your home and have active participation in the local community. 

With your NDIS plan that has the approval of funding for ‘improved daily living’, you can gain access to occupational therapy, psychology and counselling services from our experts. 

Exceptional Daily Living Support Services

I Care Group Services help you with a variety of support services that lead to improvements in your daily living and overall wellbeing. It includes:

Personalised assessment and reporting

Support is needed from a health professional to improve participation at home or the community level. Our friendly team can help you with the right evaluation and give you a comprehensive report that helps you in finding adequate support and funding to meet the specific life goals. 

Therapy Programs

These programs are meant to strengthen your life skills to achieve your goals through customized support programs that meet all your requirements. At I Care Group Services, we have an experienced team of social workers, counsellors, allied health professionals, occupational therapists and psychologists. 

These professionals work cohesively with you to chalk out a plan that best supports your goals. Be it your requirement for language, communication, interacting with other people, anxiety-related issues, or equipment related needs. 

Daily Living and Life Skills

We will help you identify the best strategies that ensure that the management of day to day activities is convenient for you. We will train you to travel more independently and manage daily tasks like showering, dressing, cleaning, meal planning etc. 

Care Support and Advice

Our support is also available for the primary caregiver for a person with a disability. Our assistance comes in the form of helping you with your duties and offers guidance alongside your plan and assessment. It will make you better and confident in your role as a carer. 

What Constitute daily living skills?

In simpler terms, these are skills that we use in everyday life. It is a long list of tasks like cooking, cleaning, using cash, catching public transport etc. Support with daily living skills helps the person with a disability to perform these everyday tasks on their own. 

What are the tasks that I am helped with?

Irrespective of your requirements, the support is available for a wide variety of everyday tasks like:
  • Daily routines
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Money and managing budgets
  • Personal care
  • Medications and similar support
  • Joining a group or participating in the community
  • Making new friends
  • Travelling through public transport
  • Working with government services

Can I learn to perform everyday tasks on my own?

Yes, at I Care Group Services, we can help you here. We help you learn to do some or all of the tasks on your own. Just a little input from your end and we will do the rest for you. It means that over time, you will need less support and become more independent. 

How will learning take place?

The learning can happen on one on one basis or in groups as well. It all depends on your choice. Learning by being part of a group lets you meet new people. However, the option is entirely yours.

Will I be able to learn to travel on my own?

Yes, we will, and it remains one of our focus areas. For you, your mobility is essential as it makes you more independent and happier in life. It includes travelling through public transport, understanding the road safety rules and following those or even getting your own driver’s license.